BitTorrent Client for Web Servers

// October 28th, 2007 // Computers, Server

If you have a web site, you have a web server. Since it’s already on 24/7…why not give it something to do on-the-side when it has free time? This is the concept behind TorrentFlux, an open-source BitTorrent client that runs on your LAMP server.

Outsourcing your file-sharing client will free up the computer(s) you actually use from the resource draining task of moving bytes around. It may even encourage you to turn off (or at least put to sleep) your computer(s) when not in use. That will save electricity, money, and even earn you points for environmental consciousness.

It works great and I’m smitten with it. I hope you are too.

Addendum – March 7, 2010: If you’re running a Windows server, there is an even better option. Simply deploy uTorrent and configure the Web UI feature.

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