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“Let’s Dance” Cadillac STS Commercial

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This commercial is partially responsible for me owning an STS.

Moving Windows XP from Intel to AMD will cause a BSOD during startup (STOP 0x07E)…here’s the fix

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Moving Windows XP from Intel to AMD will cause a BSOD during startup (STOP 0x07E). Instead of starting over, (i.e. format and reinstall of Windows) spend fifteen minutes following the steps below. You will be rewarded with a working computer.

  1. Take the hard drive out of the old computer (Intel) and install it in the new computer (AMD).
  2. Place the Windows XP Installation CD in the CD Drive and boot the new computer from it.  Some folks have reported success by going to directly to Step 8 from here.
  3. When the initial Windows XP Setup files have been loaded, press Enter to start a Windows XP Installation.
  4. Press F8 if prompted to agree to the Microsoft End User License Agreement (EULA).
  5. The installer will search for (and find) the Windows installation  that already exists on your hard drive.
  6. You be asked if you want to perform a Repair Install. Yes, you do! Press “R” to confirm and begin.
  7. The installation environment is copied to the hard drive, and it automatically reboots to run the rest of the installation.
  8. If you allow the computer to try to boot from the hard drive, it will blue screen. Instead, boot from the XP Setup CD again.
  9. Enter the Recovery Console (press “R” at the first screen)
  10. When you are logged into your Windows installation, and have the command prompt in front of you (C:Windows), navigate to the following directory:
    • C:\Windows\System32\Drivers
  11. Your command prompt should now read: C:\Windows\System32\Drivers and be awaiting you to key in a command.
  12. Run the following two commands:
    • delete intelide.sys
    • delete intelppm.sys
  13. Type exit and press Enter.
  14. Let the computer boot from the hard drive this time and your computer will run through what appears to be a first time Windows XP install. This is actually a repair install. It won’t take long, and your applications/data will not be disturbed.
  15. Install the necessary drivers for any new hardware, install a massive number of Windows Updates, and you should be back in business.

Pragmatic P.O.T.U.S. inaugurated today

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Now, here’s the part I’m interested in (lifted verbatim and without permission from

Employ Science, Technology and Innovation to Solve Our Nation’s Most Pressing Problems

21st-century technology and telecommunications have flattened communications and labor markets and have contributed to a period of unprecedented innovation, making us more productive, connected global citizens. By maximizing the power of technology, we can strengthen the quality and affordability of our health care, advance climate-friendly energy development and deployment, improve education throughout the country, and ensure that America remains the world’s leader in technology. Barack Obama and Joe Biden will:

  • Lower Health Care Costs by Investing in Electronic Information Technology Systems: Use health information technology to lower the cost of health care. Invest $10 billion a year over the next five years to move the U.S. health care system to broad adoption of standards-based electronic health information systems, including electronic health records.
  • Invest in Climate-Friendly Energy Development and Deployment: Invest $150 billion over the next ten years to enable American engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs to advance the next generation of biofuels and fuel infrastructure, accelerate the commercialization of plug-in hybrids, promote development of commercial-scale renewable energy, and begin the transition to a new digital electricity grid. This investment will transform the economy and create 5 million new jobs.
  • Modernize Public Safety Networks: Spur the development and deployment of new technologies to promote interoperability, broadband access, and more effective communications among first responders and emergency response systems.
  • Advance the Biomedical Research Field: Support investments in biomedical research, as well as medical education and training in health-related fields. Fund biomedical research, and make it more efficient by improving coordination both within government and across government/private/non-profit partnerships.
  • Advance Stem Cell Research: Support increased stem cell research. Allow greater federal government funding on a wider array of stem cell lines.

Buy Karma Cookies from Archway

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Read the story…

P.S. Have a Merry Christmas!

Sweet Potatoes 2.0

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Vista Cannot Add A Shared Printer from XP (But Now You Can)

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Seriously.  If you want to print from a Vista computer but your printer is shared by another computer running Windows XP, then you need to hack up your XP registry a bit.  Apparently, no one at Microsoft has yet come to believe this is worth fixing.  The Microsoft recommended fix is just to install Vista everywhere, right?  Well, that’s wrong.  The less obvious (but more productive) fix is for XP.

Learn how to increase your IRPStackSize from the folks @ Microsoft…

For a point of reference on what number to land on…I went with 30 (values between 3-50 are valid on XP). The HP LaserJet 1200 (PCL) I was trying to share then worked like a charm.